Erin Jones, born in 1990, is a painter and print maker native to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her skills in visual art were obvious from the very beginning, but 2003 was the year that art began to truly shape her as an individual. She enrolled in weekend workshops with FutureSelf, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing art to "at risk" youth. The program allowed her to explore countless art mediums under dozens of local artists, kick-starting her artistic direction through adolescent years. She also continued moving forward in the program as a volunteer, artist assistant, event coordinator and eventually, teacher, until FutureSelf's untimely end in 2011. Erin worked toward many opportunities around this time that rooted her in the Colorado Springs art community. She was granted two internships: one as prop artist for Razamatazz Puppet Company in 2006, and another as gallery assistant for the Smokebrush Foundation of the Arts in 2007. She was also juried into “Wunderkind 2008” at the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs, Colorado, an annual exhibit spotlighting 12 of the top high-school art students in the Pikes Peak region. 2009 was the landmark year where Erin was introduced to the medium of oil paint. She studied it specifically for 3 consecutive years at The ModboCo School of Art under Brett Andrus. As her skills improved, she acquired increasing amounts of gallery exposure in the community, and she was also granted participation in the Modbo Gallery Collective, in which she is still active.

In 2012, Erin acted upon her aspirations to study classical art and travel. She was accepted, alongside 26 participants worldwide, to study at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Italy and Greece, under Jane Morris Pack and Jun Pierre Shiozawa. The first semester that Fall began in Italy, and was dedicated to the study of master painters, sculptors, and architects of the Italian Renaissance. She marveled at hundreds of masterworks in the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena, Lucca, and Pisa, while also attending classes in the small Tuscan town of Pistoia. The course concluded with a transition to the Kykladic island of Paros, Greece. Here, in the beautiful village of Parikia, Erin directed her attention to class and studio time. She leaped forward with her technical skills in drawing, painting, and etching, all while exploring the astounding artistic accomplishments of Ancient Greek civilization. Her Aegean Center experience was so powerful that she immediately went home and worked to return to Paros for yet another thriving and transformative Semester in the Spring of 2013.

Since returning to Colorado, Erin has continued her investigation of classical technique while creating in the mediums of oil paint, egg tempera paint, intaglio print making, and drawing. Additionally, she works to spread her recently acquired skills to other artists in her community by teaching life drawing and egg tempera painting classes at the ModboCo School of Art. Beyond her goals of consistent art making, Erin plans to continue traveling and to reach out to new art communities with her work.